Our early start included Ordination by the laying on of hands through John Osteen, Lakewood Church in Houston in the early 90's preceded by years of street level evangelism in downtown Houston at the Congress/59 intersection by the RR Tracks in 1989. The homeless, prostitutes, train jumping hobo's and even an incident with one of America's Most Wanted fugitives, we worked to feed and provide before the George R. Brown Convention Ctr. moved us out. We had church under that freeway with a white wooden cross the homeless made for us. Not far was the 2nd outreach site at the Pierce Elevated near the Greyhound Bus Station.  We took our kids with us every time and God was with us to bring help and relief. I'll never forget the 8 month-old pregnant woman who emerged through a crawl space of an abandoned building near where the current college now stands. Those old buildings are long gone...

 We've continued from 1995, the site of our 1st church in Rosenberg successfully reaching over 350 at risk youth through our Target: The Next Generation at-risk youth outreach, for over 3 years, and working this USA Boxing through our Warrior For Christ youth boxing club. Al and Sandra Cerda attended the American Family Conference in Washington, D.C. which highlighted fatherless homes in America. The Cerda's returned to Rosenberg and immediately opened their doors to at-risk youth. Hundreds came to the Lord, including five rival gangs reaching to S. Post Oak (Houston), Denver Harbor, Galena Park, Pasadena and the Ship Channel region with no incidents of violence or criminal activity; instead the rival gangs slowly yielded to our request for neutral territory, and in short, healthy relationships began and continue today, including many who began their own business as a result of the youth programs and its' message to "Be Better/Be Best". 

 All this after two years (1994-1995) of leading the City of Houston in the global March for Jesus events. Each event gathered 18 and 21,000 people per HPD estimates.

 We housed over 350 people for over 8 weeks during the Hurricane Katrina and Rita crisis, converting our Hwy 90 church sanctuary into into emergency shelters.  

 We had over $10,000 worth of shower units installed and provided additional port-a-cans to accommodate the need, serving three meals a day. At one point, our food supply extended to local Ft. Bend County inmates when a call from a local judge came. We were able to deliver pallets of relief.

   When local evacuation centers closed and no longer provided shelter during Hurricane Rita, local hospitals contacted us at New Life Ministries and we housed people for an additional two weeks, who could not re-enter the Jasper region for gas leak dangers. Among them, a World War II Veteran on a hospital bed and his wife from Manvel.

                               RETREAT TO ADVANCE

 It was Hurricane Ike that took us out and forced us to retreat and reorganize after a lengthy battle with FEMA to recover Katrina/Rita expenses (over $70,000) collided with a land grab from our lender and forced us to file to Reorganize. We relocated our headquarters to the parsonage in Richmond where we office today. Through the incredible economic depression of 2008 and now the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, we have continued providing services unhindered, although a bit altered. We are grateful. 

 We maintained smaller gatherings for church services and set our sites on evangelism and publishing while continuing to help struggling young people overcome addictions, homelessness and violent situations. Soon, we were providing for children also.

 Our work has expanded to publishing and media with growing success. We continue to utilize what we have to help bring relief to others as we are able, and invite you to support this work. Here's a link for more information on our charity work of
Rescue, Relief & Restoration. 

 The Cerda's testimony includes deliverance from the occult, severe addictions as well as domestic violence (previous marriage).
                                    For more, see: SandraCerda.com

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